Hideaway Chair by Think & Shift

Hideaway Chair by Think & Shift :hideaway-chair_040615_01


Le fauteuil Hideaway est conçu par les trois designers qui compose l’équipe de la boite de designer New Zélandaise Think & Shift, conçu en bois pour les enfants et pour leur donner un peu d’intimité et de calme.

The designer’s description:

The chair is the result of a brief issued to Think & Shift by design led child care company New Shoots. New Shoots, tasked think & Shift with designing a product that serves as a space for children to get away from the noise and busyness of their surrounding environment, in New Shoots child care centres around New Zealand.

“To design this product, we had to disregard everything we knew about ergonomics. In early stage research, we discovered evidence which backed up our intuition that children do not sit the same way adults do. When given the opportunity, children in the centres sit upside-down, side-ways, curled up in a ball, with their friends, by themselves, with a blanket, on their knees, on their backs… Just about every way they can sit, other than the up-right, straight-backed position that adult chairs force them into. We therefore concluded that the design required was not a scaled down version of a ‘comforting’ adult’s chair, but a whole new approach to ergonomics and a feeling of comfort.” – Think & Shift

Design: Think & Shift
Manufactured by Starex


presenze chair of nucléo

presenze bronze chair of nucléo for nilufar:img_1_1429277187_e11dc39e6ba12b658be60b9abbd895a9


‘Presenze’ bronze, chair
bronze casting
40x40x80h cm
Design Nucleo_Piergiorgio Robino + Alice C. Occleppo
exclusive for Nilufar

By Disegner:

Presenze and absence, appearance and immateriality, historical and afterlife forms.
This is the inspiration for the latest research project of Nucleo.
The Presenze collection is a testimony of past lives, the evolution of obsolete objects.
The glories of the nineteenth-century baroque structures has been re-designed into minimalistic shapes,
given a strong characteristic from its material, bronze.
Nucleo has filtered disused names and experiences, re-worked old pieces of furniture such as consoles, desks, bedside tables and fireplace chairs.
The furniture is both ancient and contemporary, revived and restored into new life.
With the Presenze collection, Nucleo has created decorative ethereal objects floating through space.
And the lack of assemblage is one of the strong characteristics of Presenze.
Each cube, a fragment, giving a sense to the deconstruction.
The cubes are cast in bronze and together create the object.


pair of nendo

pair of nendo for glas italia:
pair of nendo  #koursi
pair of nendo

By designer:

A collection designed with an image of two furniture made of frosted smoke glass gradually overlapping one another. Transparent glass was used for the overlapping sections. The smoke glass and the transparent glass are adhered only using their edges, demonstrating Glas Italia’s outstanding technical manipulation of cut and adhesion. The collection encompasses items such as chairs, tables and shelves.



photos by Kenichi Sonehara

fold chair by CZYK

fold chair by CZYK:fo_280614_01-940x626


Le designer australien Nikolai Kotlarczyk de CZYK, a créé une chaise d’extérieur nommé Fold.


Fold is an exploration into the single material production of unique public outdoor furniture. Fold demonstrates the strength and durability required for public furniture, but also a visual lightness through it’s material composition.

Materials: 2mm mild steel, powder coated. Also available in brushed stainless steel for coastal conditions.


IN-QUARTO Table by Pawel Grobelny

IN-QUARTO Table by Pawel Grobelny:


Le designer Pawel Grobelny a conçu une table d’appoint qui vous permet d’échanger le haut d’un autre matériau entre bois et différents types de marbre.

Paweł Grobelny (1979) designer, commissaire d’expositions. Il a fait ses études aux Académies des Beaux-Arts de Poznań, Lyon et Paris. En 2009, à Bruxelles, il a été accueilli au cercle des « 100 Young Creative Talents », dans le cadre de l’Année de la Créativité et de l’Innovation de l’Union européenne. Il a également bénéficié de la bourse du Gouvernement français à Paris et Casa de Velazquez à Madrid.

From the designer:

Table IN-QUARTO comes in two finishing versions – with table top of the natural American walnut or in different types of marble. The simple design is based on the aluminum tube and a removable table top. The ability to exchange a round table top gives the possibility to change the nature of furniture in a simply and fast way.

Dimensions: 32.5 x 32.5 x 52 cm


Void (wood) by Pieter Bedaux

Void (wood) by Pieter Bedaux:Void_wood-Pieter_Bedaux-3-990x742

Une belle chaise en bois designée par les cousins Pieter et Thijs Bedaux. L’aspect volume de la chaise Void est intéressant avec son dossier en forme incurvé et à l’arrière son décaissement, Les deux designers sont des cousin l’un est architecte et l’autre dirige un atelier de meuble qui sont réunis pour nous concevoir un autre aspect de chaise toute simple www.bedauxfurniture.nl.



Kimua by Jean Louis Iratzoki pour Alki

Kimua by Jean Louis Iratzoki pour Alki:4620_Alki_kimua_Collection_01
Description du designer Jean Louis Iratzoki
Kimua est une réinterprétation contemporaine de la chaise paillée traditionnelle. Un travail marqué d’une évidente dimension affective liée au savoir-faire ancestral de l’empaillage. La paille naturelle « tabouda » est utilisée sans traitement. Tressée et paillée à la main, la chaise devient aérienne et raffinée. réalisé par les ateliers ALKI
Tabourets, haut et bas.