Loom Chair by Laura Carwardine

Loom Chair by Laura Carwardine:1-loom-chair-by-laura-carwardine

Utiliser la corde pour intégrer les techniques textiles à plus grande échelle, la designer canadienne Laura Carwardine a créé Loom Chair, un belle pièce qui célèbre l’union des matériaux tendres et durs. L’assise de siège et le dossier de cette chaise longue sont créés à partir d’une pièce continue d’une corde orange, enroulé sur une structure de tige de cheville en bois. Le fauteuil Loom a été exposé lors de Interior Design Show 2013 – Toronto.



Rocking Chair by Brendan Gallagher

Rocking Chair by Brendan Gallagher:

Dans le cadre d’un projet l’étudiant canadien en design industriel, Brendan Gallagher a réalisé un fauteuil à bascule nommé  Rocking Chair.  il était chargé de la création d’un meuble en se basant sur les qualité de style chez un styliste. Il a choisi pour cette exercice le couturier Bustle clothing.

Ce qu’il dit le designer sur son projet:

For this project, I was tasked with creating a piece of furniture based on the stylistic qualities of a fashion designer. I chose to investigate Toronto’s own Bustle clothing because of their combination of crisp silhouettes, patterns, and colorful highlights. These qualities were especially apparent in their fun and playful Fall/Winter 2011/2012 collection. With these aesthetics in mind I set forth to create a piece of furniture that would appeal to a young professional and fit comfortably in any modern home.

Solid walnut forms the curved back and arms of this rocking chair. The upholstered seat is supported by wire mesh, which is woven on a loom and typically used for industrial applications. The mesh is finished with a textured powder coat in an effort to contrast the smooth finish of the walnut. The metal frames are then sandwiched between the two halves of the walnut arms. The assembled arms are bolted to the seat and back using concealed fixtures. Subsequently, all of the walnut parts are finished with an application of a clear natural wax and the upholstered foam cushion is attached. The combination of dramatic proportions and the low slung seat contribute to the rocking chair’s comfort and unique modern aesthetic.

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OSSA Chair by Johannessen/Clarke Design

OSSA Chair by Johannessen/Clarke Design:

Ossa Chair est le travail de l’association de designers canadiennes, Solveig Johannessen et Krystin Clarke qui forment l’agence Johannessen/Clarke Design, c’est une chaise en bois d’appoint avec un point fort qu’elle pliable avec une facon assez originale, je laisse les designers nous la présenter:

The folding chair OSSA is an occasional dining chair designed for use both indoors and outdoors. It is constructed to evoke surprise and delight with an expressive folding motion through its center spine. OSSA is the Latin name for bones which tributes the fifty bone elements required for the spinal hinge and equally points to our inspiration of anatomy and Canadian wildlife such as venison or wild goats.

The angles and precise spacing of the spine hinge allows the bones to only bend in one direction and lock into position in its open state. OSSA has a strong anthropomorphic character articulated through formal cues and will make you smile as you transform and fold the chair from its erect unfolded state to its resting folded state.

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