Flip Chair by Khalid Shafar

Flip Chair by Khalid Shafar:


Flip Chair de designer Emirati  Khalid Shafar, a été développé pour permettre à l’utilisateur de s’assoir confortablement sur ​​une chaise dans une position jambes croisées. Le corps de la chaise est construit à partir de bois géométriquement formé avec rembourrage en coton. La fonction oblique ailes qui s’étendent depuis les côtés du siège est ergonomique pour soutenir les jambes des utilisateurs s’ils choisissent de s’asseoir dans une pose méditative.

Ce qu’il dit le designer ce sa chaise:

All nations have their own unique cultures and traditions. As nations become more international, their lifestyles, habits and ways of doing things evolve. People of Arabic nations traditionally sit on the floor for almost everything in the day – eating, chatting and gathering together. Now there is a new lifestyle where dining tables, lounge chairs and sofas take centre stage. FLIP is created to bridge this transition by offering both seating positions. By simply flipping the back seat cushion, FLIP changes a person seating position. From a lounge chair seat FLIP allows a person to change to sit with crossed legs. The two sides of the back seat cushion are made with different thicknesses of cotton stuffing so that when the cushion is flipped, the less stuffed side allows more room for the sitter to push back and lift their crossed legs up onto the chair. Just as they did in old times, when sitting in a Bedouin tent sipping Arabic coffee.flip04v2